We have tried to anitcipate some questions that you may have. If you have additional questions please contact us at [email protected]. We will respond to your question as rapidly as possible and may also include it in this section in the future.

Q: What can WWVA do for me if a doctor that I need to see is not listed?

A: While WWVA began the process of soliciting the involvement of doctors in February of 2010 to participate, it is anticipated to be a slow gradual process. Therefore we need your assistance in identifying your specific needs. You can simply e-mail us at [email protected] with the doctor's name, specialty, phone number and address. WWVA will contact the doctor to try and enlist their participation. We will not use your name. Basically we will attempt to act as an intermediary to promote the desired outcome.

Q: I do not know the name of a particular doctor or even what type of doctor to see for my condition or situation.

A: E-mail us a brief description of your symptoms or situation. We will seek out a doctor in your area that, based on your information, would seem best suited to evaluate you in more detail. If that initial doctor feels you should be referred to a different specialist and that doctor is not on our referral list follow the steps listed in question

Q: Are the doctors on this website or referral list screened and do you have background information on them?

A: WWVA does not do any formal background checks on any of the doctors, individuals or groups listed on this website. We collect basic information, request a copy of their current license to practice their particular specialty and require that they agree to support the mission statement of WWVA. We strongly advise any person using this referral site to use due diligence in selecting a doctor or healthcare provider.

Q: Will I be responsible for any charges when I visit one of the doctors on the referral list?

A: As a participant in the WWVA program the provider has agreed to provide all care provided within their facility at no charge. If you have to be referred outside of their facility for diagnostic testing, blood work etc there may be associated charges. We recommend that the patient seek clarification from the doctor's office or health care provider prior to having services performed. Additionally we believe that it is reasonable for the patient to request and be provided with a receipt or agreement form for their records. Understandably some patients may be concerned with receiving a bill at some point in the future. We have posted a generic agreement/acknowledgment form under "forms" for you to print and take with you on your visit(s). As a participant in WWVA the doctor should be happy to complete this form for your records.

Q: What do I do if a doctor is not providing the free care or if I am not happy with their services?

A: While WWVA cannot control all aspects of the behavior of providers listed on the referral lists, we are dedicated to building a reliable, ethical and highly qualified group of providers. WWVA does not hold itself out to have any legal or licensing authority, however, we will investigate, to the best of our abilities all complaints or concerns. If we determine that there is a reasonable probability that your concerns are accurate and the provider is unwilling or unable to correct the situation then they will be dropped from the WWVA program.

Q: How do I qualify for the WWVA program? Do I have to have a conflict related injury?

A: To qualify you simply have to have been active duty during the Iraq orAfghanistan conflict, starting in October 2001 through the present. It is not required that you served overseas, in a forward position or to have even suffered any battle related injuries. This program has been set up to show support and appreciation for all of those men and women who were willing to serve during this time frame.

Q: Do I have to have paperwork or some certification showing my service history?

A: You should check with the doctor's office that you will be going to. They may or may not require some certification or "proof" of service history. While we would hope that someone would not try and impersonate a warrior it is understandable that some offices would want some type of verification.

Q: Does a doctor on the referral list have to schedule me an appointment?

A: The short answer is no. As this is a volunteer effort with no compensation from the patient, most offices will have to limit the number of active patients under this program. Therefore there may be a delay in seeing the doctor or a waiting list. If you have difficulty getting scheduled please e-mail us and we will try to see if they can make accommodations or assist you in finding another doctor in your area.