Physician's Page

Thank you for your interest in joining WWVA!

We are looking for physicians across the country that want to make a difference in the lives of those men and women who volunteered to serve and protect our great country! WWVA was created to help fill the gaps in care that historically occur with our service personnel. Additionally we are dedicated to taking care of all elements of care, not just service related. These men and women deserve the respect and support of the citizens they swore to protect and this is an opportunity for us to give back and show our thanks and support.

We ask that particpating members allow time for a certain number of visits or cases per month that is appropriate for their practice. The individual participating doctor determines what that number is. It is not reported to WWVA and there is not a minimum or a maximum. Any help is appreciated and will help. In most practices a minimal number of visits or cases would help to serve those in need in your immediate community. If every physician dedicated a small number of visits to this cause our warriors would be well cared for and would not face the struggles of not having insurance or battling the government bueracracy that they often face. Additionally many of these individuals are gainfully employed and may have health insurance. As a participating member our goal is to provide our services to these select individuals without them incurring any fees. Obviously this will be an individual decision by each doctor based on their state insurance guidelines, insurance contracts, ability to do "hardship" cases etc. In cases where it is not possible to accomplish the goal of providing care at no charge to these individuals it is required, as a participating member, that the patient be advised in writing, prior to receiving services, of all fees and advised on any payment arrangements or discounts that can or have been applied.

The bottom line for physicians involved in this association is that they have to do it because they care and they want to give back. If you have read this far we are hoping that you are one of those physician's! To join is extremely easy. Simply e-mail us the following:

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Best contact number
  • Person to contact if other than yourself (office manager etc)

We will send you a basic form to complete and sign. We do not do credentialing, however we need to verify current licensure. You will never be ask for any paperwork beyond this. We are all doing this as a service to our fellow countrymen and more paperwork is the last thing we need in healthcare! Certainly if you chose at some point to share your thoughts, testimonials etc to be posted on the website it would be welcomed but never solicited.

Thank you again for your interest in WWVA. Please feel free to e-mail any questions or comments to [email protected]