In the later part of 2008 Dr. Todd Hatch, a chiropractor in Houston Texas, learned of the wounded warrior project while on a bicycle ride from San Antonio, Texas to Corpus Christi, Texas. Having experienced significant frustration when trying to work with veteran's through the VA hospital he felt that running into this group was a sign. Ultimately he was able to participate in a 3-day bicycle ride with a phenomenal group of soldiers. During the course of that event he discovered through conversations with the soldiers that while many received exemplary medical care after their initial injuries, there were large gaps in follow up care. Some of those gaps were due to soldier relocation after their discharge, lack of coverage under TriCare, or the soldier becoming frustrated with the bureaucracy and red tape. Over the next year various discussions with other medical providers and chiropractors lead to the formation of WWVA.

The primary goal of WWVA is to assist the warrior in locating a doctor that can assist them with their health care needs at no charge to the veteran. This should not be viewed by the patient or the doctor as a charity but rather as one American helping a fellow American that was willing to put their life on the line for their freedom. It is our hope that this program will spread throughout the country and fill any gaps in care for the veterans. Regardless of political persuasion or beliefs or whether an individual supports a war or "conflict" we must never fail to support those men and women of the armed services.